Iwappara is part of Yuzawa town - probably best known throughout Japan for the winter season and winter sports.  Iwappara has it's own snow impressive resort, Iwappara Snow Resort.  

But the area and town of Yuzawa are not only popular in winter - they are a popular tourist destination throughout the year with something to offer in each season.

A well-known snow resort throughout Japan, Iwappara has a long tradition and is a popular resort for both skiers and snowboarders of all levels.  As well as Iwappara, there are many other snow resorts in the town of Yuzawa, and yet more in neighbouring Shiozawa and Muikamachi - most within 20 minutes or so from Iwappara. 
Iwappara may be only about 80 minutes (on average) from Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet) train, but it's worlds away in terms of the natural surroundings and environment.  Beautiful throughout the year, each season has it's own "look" - from the new fresh green of spring to the stunning fall colors and then the white and blue of winter.
Throughout the year, people enjoy the natural onsen hot springs of the region.  You can also try out the Leisure Pool "Aurora" and many other leisure facilities both in Yuzawa and other areas of Yuzawa Town....


....check out the countless onsen hot springs, the Yuzawa Fishing Park, Daigenta Canyon, Yuzawa Ropeway and "Alp no sato", hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities.

See you in Iwappara!

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